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During the 2020 Presidential election, voter turnout in Mississippi was about 60%... which made it the 6th worst state in the country for voter turnout during this election!


Mississippi has a tremendously long history of disenfranchisement through voter suppression tactics, including:

  • No provision for no-excuse absentee voting.

  • An absence of universal early-absence voting.

  • A lack of online registration.

  • Last minute moving of polling precincts.

  • Stricter voter I.D. laws.

  • Extreme felony disenfranchisement laws.

Additionally, Mississippi has been ranked 48th in the country for women's representation.

Here are a few facts that prove this severe underrepresentation of women:

  • Only 14.4% of the state legislators were women in 2023. 

  • There has never been a female governor. 

  • Mississippi has the highest infant and maternal mortality and poverty rates in the country.

  • Abortion is illegal in nearly all instances.


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