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The pervasive gender gap in American politics continues to hurt our society. More than half the U.S. population is women, yet women comprise only 28% of the U.S. Congress and 32.7% of State Legislatures. These numbers, sadly, are “record highs.” The United States has never had a female president and only one female vice president. The numbers of LGBTQ+ and Women of Color elected are even more dismal. Our country has zero black female senators out of sixteen million black women; one Latina senator out of more than twenty million Latina women; two AAPI women senators out of more than twelve million AAPI women. We don’t have to accept a broken system where the minority rules the majority.


To achieve a genuinely democratic and representative society, women must gain parity in every aspect of society, from industry to elected government.  Women must be equal decision-makers and leaders to have personal, economic, and political security. 


We founded Register Her because millions of eligible, unregistered women are not voting. We believe that the path to gender equity in government lies in the activation of the tremendous, untapped potential of these women and the power of the women’s vote. The causes of unequal representation are complex and deeply rooted in our nation’s history and social systems. 


We know that to fix our broken system, we must overcome societal barriers and achieve gender parity. Women’s voices should be represented in all the rooms where decisions are made. We are taking matters into our own hands. We are not waiting for anyone else to “fix” things. We are building a women-centered, women-focused voter activation and registration ecosystem to boost women’s participation in the electoral process– which will translate into increased representation in elected office. Every eligible, self-identifying woman should have the information and resources to vote. Once we accomplish this goal, social progress will follow.

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