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Time for Change: Black Women Deserve Pay Equity 💵

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Today, we want to share some eye-opening news that demands your attention: the shocking state of Black women's pay and the urgent need for equitable compensation in the workplace.

According to a recent report from the National Women's Law Center (NWLC), Black women working full-time, year-round earn only 63 cents for every dollar paid to white men. That's a staggering loss of approximately $946,120 over a 40-year career for Black women. This wage gap not only affects individual women but also perpetuates cycles of poverty and hampers progress within communities.

The reasons behind this disparity are complex, including occupational segregation, discriminatory hiring practices, and limited career advancement opportunities. Racial and gender bias further exacerbate the challenges faced by black women in the workforce.

We can't afford to overlook this injustice any longer. Black women deserve pay equity, and one incremental step we can take to achieving this is to elevate Black women’s voting power. This power can be harnessed to elect representatives who can enact legislation that implement fair and equitable pay practices.

Achieving equity in every segment of our society is at the heart of our philosophy. We pay women to organize women to put more women in power. Let's stand together to advocate for equitable pay for Black women. Join us in striving for a future where every woman, regardless of race or ethnicity, is compensated fairly and equally for her invaluable contributions to the workforce.

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